Welcome to my promotion site.

This is the complementary site of my Curriculum Vitæ where you will find more information about my skills and experiences.

My career revolves around three main axes:

Science, Computer Science, Team Management.

It all began with an appetite for Science: Mathematics and Physics . I followed scientific studies at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées which led me to approach the industry with engineering courses. I was able to put into practice the knowledge acquired in mechanics on the field of plastics .

It is Plastic Omnium that allowed me to enter the Industry by giving me the mission to study the manufacturing processes of PTFE (Teflon) and its copolymers. So I was able to approach in the workshop the various extrusion means (granular or conventional thermoplastic) of this particular family of thermoplastics.

This experience made me want to go further in the mechanical understanding of materials and their shaping.

At  Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées , I began my thesis on the behavior of polymer foams used in the manufacture of automobile bumpers. This subject led me to enrich the mechanisms of scale change to determine the behavior of these reticular materials. Finally, we have been able to develop a new approach to theoretical homogenization (applied mathematics) to transform discrete media (assembly of beams or granular media) into a continuous medium equivalent in elasticity and buckling.

To achieve valuable results, the use of the digital tool was necessary.

Naturally, I entered the French Institute of Petroleum (IFP) to develop the applications of this research. I started at the Institute by mechanically modeling refining processes involving granular catalyst flows .

At that time, I initiated the development of a modeling tool for granular flows based on the discrete element method (development of the GRAINS 3D simulator).

In parallel I integrated elasto-plastic laws of soil behavior in a finite element code tocalculate the forces applied by these catalytic beds on the steel structures of the reactors.

A team, which I was able to animate and guide, was then formed to develop these codes.

Subsequently, an opportunity arose to manage Research and Development activities for Technip. This mission allowed me to learn animation and management of a team of 20 to 25 engineers and technicians for three international clients ( FlexiFrance, Technip Offshore UK, DUCO ).

As part of this animation, I was able to build with my clients Research programs but also co-create with them products that meet their industrial needs ( FEMUS , Abaqus-Simulia plugin ( Dassault Systèmes ), a business for the design of umbilicals).

Within the team, an engineer who worked on image analysis products for Technip, told me about his project on Augmented Reality . The spirit of adventure to carry scientific calculations on demand on the internet and the desire to create pushed me to follow him.

We founded Previznet which was one of the first companies to offer in SAAS mode an augmented reality service with 3D realistic online photo rendering for the world of decoration ( BUT, La Redoute , Made In Design, Le Cèdre Rouge … ).

This experience allowed me to move from co-construction with a product customer to co-build with a customer of a digital service in the cloud .

Back at IFPEN , I was able to take over a Project Manager activity to lead the development of scientific computing software for offshore wind ( DeepLines Wind ) but also to develop the first IFPEN online service proposal: geco .

I was able to share my experience at Previznet to show the IFPEN team this new profession of online science service.

I implemented and adapted the agile methods I had used before. This assistance helped to create the Drivequant subsidiary dedicated to online services for connected vehicles and drivers.

Currently, I am implementing a methodology and architecture to perform automated cloud engineering studies (“cross-provider”: AWS , Azure , OVH ) for offshore or onshore wind solution design.

At the same time, I am studying the new uses of  Digital Twins in the field of wind energy.

Today, I am in a position to take responsibility for the development of digital products and services with strong scientific components.